Bound – Passport Project

Bound is a postal mailing project and participatory artwork in which 300 handmade passport reproductions will be shipped to individuals for unique interventions. The recipients will add images…

Karmele Leizaola – Newspaper and exhibit

Project that resulted from one year of research for the 10×10 Photobooks by Women grant. 2021-2022. Research and design assistance Oriana Nuzzi.

Crania – Adalber Salas Hernández

History is always written by the victors. While conceptualizing CRANIA, we wanted to make a book that would speak graphically from the opposite perspective. The cover speaks to…

Cruz-Diez Catalog

Work with Archivo Fotografia Urbana, Museo Reina Sofia, Atelier Cruz Diez and curator Ariel Jimenez. Design with the assistance of Oriana Nuzzi.

El ojo de – Diana López

  “The images that have been captured by Franklyn Osorio, Wen-You Can, Lucy Poe and Gala Delmont manage to move us when we understand that they are building…

Science of Departures Cover

Cover for Bilingual Poetry Book

The private life of rag dolls – photobook + exhibit

Center for Book Arts NYC as featured artist project 2020

Chapbook – French Unpublished Poems & Facsimile 1958-1960

French Unpublished Poems & Facsimile 1958-1960, by Miyó Vestrini, translated by Patrick Durgin, edited, designed and printed by Faride Mereb, is a hand bound chapbook limited to 120 copies….

«A Love Supreme»

Winner in AIGA 50 books | 50 book covers 2019.

«Poemas» book + exhibit

Finalist at Latin American Design Awards 2017 & Part of the Venezuelan Selection for Leipzig’s Stiftung Buchkunst.

«Spaces to Say the Same» book + exhibit

Shortlisted for Latin American Design Awards 2018 & Part of the Venezuelan Selection for Leipzig’s Stiftung Buchkunst.

{Video} «Spaces to Say the Same» booktrailer

Part of the printing & binding process.

«OTONO (Sic)»

Winner of CLAP awards for text book design 2017 & Finalist at Ibero-American Design Biennial 2018.

«Process» Artist Book 2016

Only three copies. Hand bound.


Selected for Ibero-American Design Biennial 2016 & Jóvenes con FIA 2015.

«Al Filo»

Latin American Design Awards Gold in Editorial 2016.

«Typographic installations» 2013- 2014

A selection of type installations I have made.

«Graphic Testimonies»

Selection from exhibits between 2011 to 2014.