“The images that have been captured by Franklyn Osorio, Wen-You Can, Lucy Poe and Gala Delmont manage to move us when we understand that they are building a world or that, ultimately, they are exploring a universe that can be theirs. It is not by chance that many of the images are tautologically titled, in the manner of the conceptualists: Este es Lincoln, no es el verdadero Lincoln (This is Lincoln, It’s not the real Lincoln); Mío, mío, ¡Solo mío! (Mine, mine, Only Mine!); Esto no es un martillo (this is not a hammer); or Muchacha (Girl), a fusion of words an the visual that literally or graphically describes what is in the image, momentarily diverting us from the whole network of values that López reveals to us. Ciertainly, this dismantling of baring of the so-called art system serves us to recognize our gaze and the conditions in which we receive a work as it is, but, thanks to the creative space provided by López to the children, we know that is not enough to exhaust what the images bring us. Appreciating this series of photos closely, we could be comforted by the idea of how much there is to share if, in addition to judgements, we could talk about experiences and motivations to imagine what we want, like the child alter ego that we can all invoke.”


Some photos sent by the artist of the book in several photo exhibits.