[In Otono (sic), Luis Moreno Villamediana (1966) seeks to express the experience of foreignness and dislocation. The erratum in the title mirrors the sense of inadequacy common to migration and diasporic life. Besides, it shows the omission of the Spanish tilde, thus introducing  the conviction of error into the body of the work. The poems in the book were mostly written during a stay in Italy, and include translations, wordplays, excursions into a strange land, and linguistic oddities. In the end, they tell the well-known story of exodus and its meager but overcharged baggage of absence, discomfort, and loss. The ethics and aesthetics of the castaway that Gustavo Guerrero has noted in Moreno Villamediana’s previous texts is maximized and exalted in Otono (sic).]

This book is the first volume of a collection of contemporary authors. The bookblock was printed in Saima antique paper, Kimberly cardstock for the cover in warm gray, German cloth bound on the spine square spine and printed fore edge. French folding binding. 400 copies / 100 signed by the author. Printed and bound  in Ex Libris Press.


Awards: CLAP winner for text book design 2017 & Finalist at Ibero-American Design Biennial | Behance gold medal 


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