Espacios para decir lo mismo/Spaces to Say the Same [Thing] (1974) is the first book by Hanni Ossott (1946-2002). It strikes readers as being at a distance from the abiding tradition of prose poetry in Spanish. This is Ossott at her most innovative: we may find in these pages the unfulfilled promise of a narrative, with the ephemeral presence of some ghostly characters. Overflowing the simplified mold of storytelling, Ossott loads her text with the abstract import of reflections, even when referring to bodies and sensorial experiences, in a language deemed by translator and scholar Luis Miguel Isava to be “outlandish” and “extra-vagant.” Hanni Ossott would go on to write in a more confessional style, marked by love, memory, and emotional pain. In spite of such recognizable topoi, her oeuvre is anchored in excess and defectiveness, as poet and critic Gina Saraceni has indicated.]

This book is based on a 1765 bible. It has a third spine in the middle in order to read both volumes at the same time or individually. This edition has two volumes in a box, cloth bound, three square spines, with 3 Pantone inks & text blocks in Laid paper. 150 copies. Printed and bound at Ex Libris Press. 2017.

Awards: Shortlisted for Latin American Design Awards 2018  & Part of the Venezuelan Selection for Leipzig’s Stiftung Buchkunst (Included in exhibit)

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