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Faride Mereb
Karmele Leizaola and Venezuelan Publishing

Yasmine Nachabe Taan
Catherine Leroy’s Work in Beirut

Uschi Klein
Clara Spitzer and Women Photographers in Communist Romania

Many thanks to our jurors, Dr. Susan Bright, Ingrid Masondo and Sarah Meister for their work in reviewing and considering the many proposals.

The jurors’ commented on the winners:

  • Karmele Leizaola (Faride Mereb’s focus) and Clara Spitzer (Uschi Klein’s focus) are deserving of further research. There is very little to be found about them and filling that gap is precisely the objective of the grant.
  • Faride Mereb’s proposal offers the possibility of expanding our understanding not only of Karmele Leizaola’s work, but the role of women in the Venezuelan art publishing world more broadly.
  • I am excited at the prospect of finding out more about Leizaola and her work. I love that she not only produced photographs but was immersed in the production of a range of publications and imagery featuring the work of other artists as well.
  • Catherine Leroy’s (Yasmine Nachabe Taan’s focus) work in Lebanon will soon receive the attention it deserves and is most compelling to me in terms of subject matter. She is becoming better known in the U.S. but less so in Europe.
  • The idea of a focused examination of a specific woman photographer—Spitzer—and of the sole photography journal published with the blessing of the Communist Party in Romania is of great interest to me. Romanian cultural production is often disregarded within the Western canon and the time period is fascinating.